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We deal with searching out of potential contractors for goods or services of our clients on the African market.

Cooperation with us gives you the opportunity to expand your existing contacts with clients in the country and abroad, as well as acquire new clients, increasing their sales and brand recognition in other markets.


Our family roots are descended from Africa, thanks to that we had the possobility to specialize in the trade intermediary through Mauritania deep into Africa.

The country is becoming a recipient of high quality products

from the food industry offered by Poland, it has got a huge potential wide opened on the trade cooperation with other countries of the European Union and through our intermediation – also with Poland.

While analyzing the market, we take into consideration the aspect connected with the requriment of products, we follow the current trade trends for various goods on the African market.


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The main goal of our operation is to acquire new business partners in Africa. Our destination is Mauritania, a country that encourages African contractors to cooperate.


We take care of every object that ensures the quality of our services. We gain loyal partners in business. We eliminate all language and cultural barriers which are an obstacle to the effective establishment of international business relations.


We are currently focusing on activities that are increasing the awareness of attractiveness of our company’s trade offer on the African market, which in the future will also bring tangible benefits for you.


Representatives of our company in Africa will verify and rate contractors’ products ,thanks to which we have a guarantee and certainty that we provide only reliable contacts.


We can help you in 8 steps!

We are looking for exporters or importers – we are searching out companies or trading agents
and we present possible conditions of cooperation.

We connect business partners – we conduct telephone calls and send offers

in the appropriate language to selected recipients, we establish contacts with people who are deciding about cooperation, we prepare lists of potential recipients for your goods or services.

We participate in negotiations of the cooperation’s terms, we watch over the process of negotiations.

We help in the effective and problem-free execution of orders

We help in conducting national and international transactions

We optimize the costs associated with the transport – we run a database of logistics and forwarding companies

We help you get through the customs system’s procedures

We organize fairs and exhibitions. On request, we can represent your company at the trade fairs or trade meetings both in Poland and in Africa. – We help in the preparation and translation of advert, information and exhibition materials.

What’s more?

Advertising campaings

We offer comprehensive marketing campaigns, develop a strategy and advise in tje selection of tools for its implementation and campaign. We will create the image od your company in A


We offer translations of all advertisings materials of your products. Polish language caregivers, legal care in Africa, marketing Basic operational languages in our company:
Engish, Italian, French, Arabic, African: Solinke, Wolf, Hal Pullar

Contact us

If you are interested in working with us
or you look for products or services , please
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cleaning company

We provide cyclic, one-time, seasonal cleaning services for individual clients and for companies.

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A non-governmental organization not conducting business activity.A non-governmental organization not conducting business activity.

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